Vår praktikant Tomona från Japan besökte Nikko tidigare i år – här kan ni ta del av hennes resedagbok! Njut av Nikko och ha en underbar fredag!

Hi, I’m Tomona from Japanspecialisten! Today I will share with you about my last trip to Nikko. Starting from Asakusa Station in Tokyo, I took the Tobu Express train. In less than 2 hours, I was at Tobu Nikko Station! Over the Shinkyo Bridge and after about 20 minutes’ walk, I was in the World Heritage Area of Nikko!

The shrines in Nikko are famous for elaborate decorations, and maybe some of you have heard about the “three wise monkeys” and “sleeping cat” already… But that is only part of the whole beauty!

A highlight here would definitely be the Yomeimon Gate, as it has become fully open to public last year after years of restoration project. The gate is also known as “the day-gazing gate”, as you can spend a whole day just looking at the marvelous carvings.

(Yes, that’s why I don’t have any picture of it… Must see for yourself!)

Be sure to plan ahead of time so you won’t miss out on anything you wanted to see!

After seeing the shrines, we then took a bus to Lake Chuzenji. Look at this stunning view! No wonder many European ambassadors built their summer villas here, of which English and Italian ones are open to public today. Taking a walk around this lake would be a nice idea, especially in the autumn season when the leaves turn burning red. You can even rent a bicycle here!

That night I stayed at a ryokan, or a typical Japanese accommodation, in Kinugawa Onsen Area. We Japanese LOVE staying at these ryokans with onsen (hot spring), it could even become the main event of the journey.

There, you can ease the tension of your tired body in the spacious hot spring bath, fulfill your hunger with the traditional Japanese cuisine made from local ingredients, and throw yourself on the fluffy futons – all in one place. This time I had the chance to stay in a room with private open-air bath!

After taking a warm, big breakfast at the ryokan, we then headed to Edo Wonderland. After entering the first gate, you continue along a rather long path, leading you to to the time of two or three centuries ago. The buildings, atmosphere, people… everything is of pre-modern age Japan, and YOU can become part of it.

I particularly liked the acrobatic ninja show (where I was not allowed to take pictures), and also how little kids were being taught some ninja techniques such as shuriken (dart) throwing, escaping through various traps, and so on. This is especially an ideal place for families to visit, but there were also attractions that even the adults could enjoy while learning about the time when Edo (present day Tokyo) became the center of Japan.

So here I have reported my trip to Nikko.

It’s a perfect place to experience Japanese culture and nature!

Don’t hesitate to contact Japanspecialisten if you are interested – let us help you arrange the perfect trip for you!